Gloss Meter

JL-910 Gloss Meter

     Usage The measurement instrument is a small window of 60 ° gloss meter, measure the window size is 1.5mm (short axis) × 3mm (long axis).

For ISO-2813, ASTM-D2457,

GB9754, GB9966, GB8807 standards.


Usage Suitable for measuring pen, ball pen and other pen body surface gloss value, and automotive coating, parts, jewelry, handicrafts, plastic, decorative, test samples with complex shapes such as the measured surface gloss surface.
Features General Ordinary

1. Ultra-small aperture 1.5×3 oval gloss meter (mm)

2. Lightweight portable, knob adjustment.

3. No need to set to zero.

4. A single battery-powered, long-term use.

5. Long-life light source, good stability, which means that the measurement.




Instrument verification procedures in line with national indicators JJG 696 a gloss meter standard.

1. Display range :0.0-199 .9 (Gs) Ordinary

2. Indication error: <1.2 (Gs)

3. Stability: 0.4 (Gs) / 30 seconds

4. Measurement window size: (oval) 1.5 (short axis) × 3 (long axis) (mm)

5. Instrument Size: 114 × 35 × 65 (mm)

6. Operating Voltage: 1.5 (V) ordinary type