SC2A Scrubber


The control panel is clear and easy to operate.Compact as it is,it has a large water tank capacity.
Machanical parameters are displayed at any time,letting you be clear of the operational situation of the machine.With the curved water scraper, it makes better water sucking,the brushing disk is fitted with a shield,preventing the sewage from getting out.

1.Tilting transmission mechanism design!
2.Sewage water level restrict the circuit board, it will automatically power-off when the water full.
3.The water steak increase the small wheel which can adjust the height!

  • Voltage/Frequency: 220~230V/50Hz
  • Water sucker: 755mm
  • Brush diameter: 455mm
  • Rolling brush motor: 200~240V/750W
  • Water sucking motor: 220~230V/1000W
  • Brush rotation speed: 148RPM
  • Cleaning width: 455mm
  • Cleaning rate: 1660m2/h
  • Brush pressures: 30kg
  • Clean water tank capacity: 27.8L
  • Dirty water tank capacity: 31.3L
  • Cable: 18m
  • Net weight: 75.6kg
  • Gross weight: 98.45kg
  • Size: 965×615×1020mm
  • Colour: Blue, Grey, Yellow,Blue and Black